Migrant Report is a Malta-based registered foundation (VO/1314) designed to measure, investigate and document the impact of human movement.

Migrant Report digs beyond the headlines, using ground sources, reports, original reporting and aggregating accurate information to help form policies, responses and insight. Our goal is to cast a spotlight on the information gaps found along the main migratory routes for the benefit of all stakeholders, not least migrants themselves.

We have no political or religious affiliations. Our mission is to gather and fact-check ground truth from people inside affected areas and to present it professionally to the outside world. The editing, fact-checking and presentation will allow experts and policy makers to quickly gain situational awareness and access to critical data.

We are eager to work with a wide spectrum of stakeholders, sources, ideas and solutions and will be accepting requests for tailored research assignments that will utilise our reporting, mapping and research skills as well as our ground network.