Hungarian Camerawoman Plans to Sue Refugee She Tripped

A camerawoman who was fired after she was caught on camera tripping and kicking refugees escaping border guards’ custody in Hungary plans to sue one of the migrants she brought to the ground as well as Facebook, according to an interview in Russian newspaper Izvestia.


Petra Laszlo, the former camera operator who now faces a criminal trial, is miffed about the fact that Osama Abdul Mohsen changed his testimony after initially blaming the police for his fall.

Mohsen is the father who Lazlo tripped, throwing him and his son to the ground in the footage that has since gone viral.

Lazlo also said she would be suing Facebook for allowing groups that threatened her to remain on the site while removing groups that supported her.

An avowed right-wing anti-migrant supporter, Lazlo apologised last month for aiding the cause of migrants with her actions by attracting support from around the world.