Migrant Arrivals Into Italy in July 2017 / 2016

Arrivals into Italy in 2017
Arrivals into Italy in 2016

Source: UNHCR

Migrant arrivals to Italy in July 2017 have decreased by more than 50% when compared to July 2016. Though rough seas with winds up to 20 knots in July seem to be the main factor for this decrease, it has also been reported by SAR NGOs that the Libyan Coast Guard has increased its control over the shores of Sabratha, which has traditionally been the main point of departure for migrants. However, according to migrant testimonies collected by Xchange, new departure points are now being used, near to Al Mayah in Zawiya District ( East Zawiya ).

* Due to the transfer time between the rescue zone and disembarkation, arrivals before the 3th of July 2017 may refer to rescues carried out at the end of June. More information at Migration Geo-Portal

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