Guest Podcast from MOAS: Communities in Crisis

How does the Rohingya refugee community keep itself going and what support do the Rohingya need?

These are questions that Xchange is busy looking into for our new Snapshot Survey, in Unichiprang and Shamlapur refugee camps, Bangladesh. In this guest podcast, MOAS tries to answer these questions by talking to the people concerned.

‘There is my husband, myself and my two children in our family.  I take care of my children everyday. I make them shower, I cook for them and I send them to school.  When they’re ill I take them to the doctor. In Myanmar we were very poor and couldn’t eat properly. The men from our family used to work on other people’s farmland and earned very little money.  We did have a small piece of farmland that we raised ducks and chickens on but we had to hide them or they could be taken away. The peace we have in one day living in Bangladesh is far more than what we ever found in my whole life in Myanmar.’


Stay tuned for Xchange’s new Snapshot Survey: collecting first-hand data on the every day lives of residents of Unchiprang & Shamlapur.

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