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At Xchange, we believe in the power of data to transform public perception on human migration. We dig beyond the headlines to advocate for better knowledge of migration.

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Niger Report 2019 (Part Two): "Life in transit: Voices from returning migrants"

In 2018, Xchange conducted a cross-sectional survey with returning migrants transiting Agadez, Niger.

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Niger Report 2019 (Part One): "Agadez: Voices from a Historical Transit Hub"

In 2018, Xchange visited Niger to explore the under-reported consequences of the 2015 criminalisation of migration at Europe's new 'southern border'.

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"The Rohingya Amongst Us": Bangladeshi Perspectives on the Rohingya Crisis Survey 2018

Bangladeshi Perspectives on the Rohingya Crisis Survey

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Rohingya Repatriation Survey 2018

What the Rohingya understand about the proposed repatriation processes, and what they desire and fear as individuals and as a community.

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