Rohingya stay longer in Bangladesh

It’s unlikely Rohingya refugees will be returning to Myanmar in the near future, a leading Belgian think-tank warns.

In a new report, the International Crisis Group calls for new ways to accommodate the Rohingya refugee population in Bangladesh.

In the meantime, while humanitarian assistance is on-going, ICG recommends donors invest in developing the Cox’s Bazar district in the longer term, ‘to improve prospects for their [the Rohingya] future integration’

Efforts like this work towards reducing burdens and negative sentiment from the host community, they say.

ICG acknowledges that there is resistance from the Bangladeshi government over the Rohingya staying longer, but warned,

‘Failing to develop plans for the Rohingya’s prolonged stay in Bangladesh risks worsening their suffering and propelling the crisis in a still more dangerous direction’

According to their estimates, the total humanitarian operation costs around $1.2 billion dollars a year. Despite the high sum of money, they stress that the situation in the camps remains grim,

‘the lack of sustained political discussions and concrete planning for the refugees’ extended stay in Bangladesh risks worsening their plight and could propel the crisis in a dangerous new direction.’, the report concludes.

Xchange has been on the ground in Bangladesh for the upcoming Rohingya Repatriation Survey, which  drops on May 23. The research, building on two previous Rohingya surveys conducted during September-October 2017 and January-February 2018, investigates the views of the over 700,000 Rohingya refugees, on returning to Myanmar from Bangladesh. Stay tuned for the report!

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